Production Resource Planner

Ansen has an immediate opening for a Production Resource Planner. Primary duties include: developing and maintaining a capacity based schedule for the allocation of direct labor and machine hours required to complete customer orders and to facilitate interdepartmental communication regarding this schedule between Marketing, Materials, Engineering and Production.

• Review order entries and order changes to develop a preliminary schedule and provide Purchasing or Marketing with a required in-house date to meet production.
• Commit to a firm schedule on order entries and order changes once given a material commit date and submit this schedule to the Production Manager for approval.
• Generate order changes a minimum of ten working days prior to the ship date for orders with material shortages and six days prior to the ship date for potential misses. Generate order changes for all orders with a partial of full backlog.
• Develop, maintain and distribute an eight-week capacity based schedule for Auto/SMT, Manual Assembly, Wave/Inspection/Sub Assembly and Test.
• Monitor and track the material status on all orders within eight weeks, communicate this between Materials, Marketing and Production on a daily basis as required.
• Attend and participate in order entry/change and production meetings as required.
• Generate and distribute daily shipment list, which indicates backlog, on-time delivery, the days shipment, the next day's shipments and inventory in packing.
• Track and report on production cycle time by order and summarize monthly.
• Responsible for performance reporting as required (such as weekly activity reports).
• Ensure Marketing, Materials, Engineering and Production understands the targets set and assist these groups in achieving these targets.
• Coordinate, expedite, plan and schedule machine time, direct labor and material requirements to meet production schedule and Customer delivery dates.
• Adhere to all company and departmental procedures.
• Ensure work area is neat, clean and in safe condition at all times.
• Report any accidents or unsafe conditions to Supervisor/Manager.
• Work overtime as required or when requested. KNOWLEDGE/SKILL REQUIREMENTS:
• Bachelor's degree in business, a related field, or a commensurate level of related experience.
• 3-5 years previous experience in manufacturing.
• Working knowledge of each production department.
• Word processing and spreadsheet skills.
• Working knowledge of on-line, real time and interactive enterprise requirements planning system.
• Able to plan, organize and prioritize effectively.
• Able to coordinate a high level of activity under a variety of conditions and constraints.
• Ability to be innovative, creative, have strong problem solving skills involving manpower, material and machine processes to achieve production goals. We offer a competitive wage and benefit package. Send resume and letter of interest to to:

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